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报告题目: An approach to the Problem of covering solids by spheres of different diameters
报 告 人: Prof. Nelson Maculan, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Computer Science Federal Univ of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
时间地点: 2012年10月17日下午2:00 S703
报告人简历: Prof. Nelson Maculan received Grand Cross for scientific merit, Brazil in 2007. He was the National Secretary of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Brasília, Brazil during 2004-06 and the president, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, Brazil during 1990-94 .
报告题目: Invariant measures of a stochastic heat equation related to the KPZ equation
报 告 人: Prof. T. Funaki, Tokyo University
时间地点: 2012年9月25日下午4:00 S712
摘       要: The particle system approximation for the Cole-Hopf solution of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation suggests the invariance of the distribution of the geometric Brownian motion under the stochastic heat equation. I will present an approach to this problem due to stochastic analysis. This is a joint work with Jeremy Quastel.
报告题目: Heavy-Traffic Analysis of Large-Scale Service Systems with Dependent Service Times
报 告 人: Dr. Guodong Pang,Penn State University
时间地点: 2012年7月16日下午2:00 S1013
摘       要: In service systems there can be dependence among successive service times. For example, in a telephone call center responding to service calls, a product defect can lead to many calls concerning that same product over a period of time, which may require similar handling times. For another example, in a hospital emergency room, there may be multiple patients associated with the same medical incident, and their treatment can be highly correlated. Thus it is interesting to understand the impact of dependence among the successive service times upon the ability of a service system to respond to service requests. We consider the many-server queueing models with general arrival processes possibly having time-varying arrival rates and multiple parallel statistically identical servers. Instead of assuming i.i.d. service time distributions as in standard analysis, we allow the successive service times to be dependent, specifically, we assume that the successive service times form a sequence of weakly dependent random variables satisfying certain mixing conditions. We establish heavy-traffic fluid limit and its refined stochastic limit for the associated offered load processes, that is, the number of customers in the corresponding system with infinite number of servers. We provide an accurate approximation of the delay probability and a refined square root staffing rule. (This is joint work with Dr. Ward Whitt, Columbia University.)
报告人简历: Dr. Guodong Pang is currently an assistant professor in the Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State University and holds the Marcus Career Professorship. Dr. Pang received his Ph.D. in Operations Research at Columbia Univeristy in 2010. His research interests are in applied probability, stochastic networks, queueing systems, with applications in service systems (customer contact centers, healthcare), energy and telecommunications. His work has been published in the journals of Annals of Applied Probability, Management Science, Queueing Systems, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, etc.
报告题目: Mathematical Modeling of Performance Evaluation for a Synchronized Zone Order Picking System
报 告 人: Sydney C.K. Chu (朱进强) & Pan Li (潘莉),The University of Hong Kong
时间地点: 2012年6月25日下午4:00 S1013
摘       要:

Order picking is the process of retrieving items from storage areas to meet customer's requirement, and is the most labor-intensive operation in warehouse. In order to operate efficiently, the order picking process needs to be delicately designed and optimally controlled. In this talk, performance of a low-level picker-to-part order picking system with synchronized zone is studied. First, an analytical model studying the performance of three routing and storage strategy combinations are introduced, followed by a simulation model to further study the impact of various design parameters and operational policies. The results obtained from the analytical models are compared and validated in simulation experiments; and they appear to provide acceptable approximation results. The simulation model in the second section has shown that the routing, storage policies, demand patterns, order, batch and zone sizes have tremendous effect on the efficiency.


Prof. Sydney Chu is currently a professor specializing in Operations Research at the Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong. He received his bachelor and master degrees from Cornell University in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering; and his doctoral in Operations Research from Columbia University. He is also elected a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (FIMA) in 2011. He has worked for research and consulting organizations both in U.S. and in Hong Kong; and has published many articles in optimization and applied Operations Research modeling in areas such as location, allocation, distribution, planning and scheduling.

Dr. Li Pan has completed her PhD study at the Department of Mathematics, The University of Hong Kong (Sep 2007-Mar 2012). In 2007, she received her bachelor degree from the Department of Applied Mathematics, Dalian University of Technology in Information and Computing Science. Her main areas of interest are Operations Research and Computations, especially on modeling applications and algorithms design for warehouse logistics and supply chain processes. She has published and presented research findings in international journals and conferences in OR and related areas.

报告题目: 高通量基因组学技术在表观遗传学研究中的应用
报 告 人: 杨振兴 博士,上海伯豪生物技术有限公司技术应用专家
时间地点: 2012年6月15日下午2:40 S712
摘       要:




报告题目: 生物芯片与高通量测序技术
报 告 人: 肖华胜 博士,生物芯片上海国家工程研究中心执行主任
时间地点: 2012年6月15日下午2:00 S712
摘       要:

生物芯片技术建立以来, 技术日渐成熟,在生命科学研究研究领域也已得到了广泛的应用。基因芯片技术在该领域的广泛应用大大地加速了生命科学研究的进程,微量化并行化的分析方式帮助广大科研工作者从海量数据中发掘有用的信息。而第二代测序技术作为对传统测序一次革命性的改变在近几年也呈现出快速发展的态势。2003年,454公司首先建立了高通量的第二代测序技术,随后,其他公司也相继推出了Solexa和SOLiD测序技术。目前,新一代测序技术已经应用于基因组,包括测序和表观基因组学以及功能基因组学研究的许多方面。



报告题目: Plant-based bioproduction of pharmaceutical proteins – using cross-disciplinary approaches from informatics to immunology to drive innovation
报 告 人: Carole L. Cramer, PhD.,Professor, Arkansas Biosciences Institute, Arkansas State University, and Co-founder, BioStrategies LC, State University
时间地点: 2012年6月15日上午10:30 S1013
摘       要:

Plants have emerged as effective systems for the bioproduction of complex high-value proteins for medical applications. When compared to human proteins produced in cultured animal cells, these plant-based systems provide advantages in safety, scalability and cost, especially up-front capitalization to establish production capacity. The first generation plant-made pharmaceutical proteins are now commercialized and providing life-saving medicines to patients. Further innovations are under development that accelerate the bioproduction timeline in plants and enhance therapeutic protein delivery and stability. Several case studies involving the development complex plant-made therapeutic proteins will be presented that highlight the importance of integrating multi-disciplinary approaches and expertise encompassing plant biology, biochemical engineering, cell biology, immunology, bioinformatics, and medical/veterinary sciences in order to effectively move these products forward. The increasing relevance and effectiveness of computational approaches including protein structure prediction and transcriptome analyses will be discussed in the context of specific biological problem solving, targeting both basic mechanistic discovery and practical application goals.


Dr. Cramer is an internationally recognized pioneer and leader in the area of plant-made pharmaceutical proteins. Her discovery that plants could effectively produce fully active human lysosomal proteins led to the first systemically administered plant-made therapeutic to attain US FDA approval in May 2012. This protein is an enzyme replacement therapeutic for Gaucher Disease, a rare lysosomal storage disease, that is manufactured in cultured carrot cells by Protalix Biotherapeutics and marketed worldwide by Pfizer. Dr. Cramer currently serves as the Director of the Arkansas Center for Plant Powered Production (P3 Center; www.plantpoweredproduction.org), a multi-institutional research consortium funded by the US National Science Foundation and the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority. This Center, comprising more than 50 faculty at 5 universities, fosters research and discovery through cross-disciplinary collaboration and infrastructure development and support. Dr. Cramer previously served as the founding executive director for the Arkansas Biosciences institute at Arkansas State University leading the development of 90,000 sq.ft. research facility focused on innovative research at the interface of medicine, agriculture, and the environment. She also served on the US Department of Agriculture Advisory Committee for 21st Century Agriculture and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) subcommittee on plant-made pharmaceuticals. Dr. Cramer is also an entrepreneur having cofounded several biotechnology start-up companies. Her current company,BioStrategies-LC , was recently recognized with the prestigious 2012 Tibbetts Award for excellence in innovation presented at the White House in Washington DC. Dr. Cramer was educated in California, earning a BA degree at UC, Berkeley, a PhD from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at UC, Irvine, and postdoctoral training at the Salk Institute.

报告题目: Wealth vs Risk in a Continuous Time Model
报 告 人: Prof Harry Zheng,Imperial College, UK
时间地点: 2012年4月6日上午10:00 S703
摘       要:

In this talk we discuss a continuous time optimization problem which combines two conflicting objectives of maximizing
the portfolio wealth up to a level and minimizing the conditional value-at-risk of the portfolio wealth loss. The standard utility maximization theory cannot be applied to solve the problem as the associated utility function is not differentiable nor strictly concave and does not satisfy Inada's condition. We use the dual control method to show that there is a classical solution to the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation and that the optimal value function is smooth if the optimal control satisfies an exponential moment condition. We find the closed-form optimal feedback control and optimal value function for a wealth maximization problem.



报告题目: Option Overview Introduction on fix incoming products, markets, risk management, balance sheet management and its electronic trading
报 告 人: 胡益民博士, 美国银行
时间地点: 2012年3月29日上午10:00 S1013
摘       要:

An option trading overview covers option basics, option valuations, option risk management and basic option trading principle. It provides some practical information to those audience who interesting in financial engineering and financial risk management. Some basic option concepts are needed.



报告题目: A non-commutative analog of gradient flow in the 2-Wasserstein metric
报 告 人: Eric Carlen, Professor, Rutgers University, USA
时间地点: 2012年3月16日下午4:00 S703
摘       要:

I present an analog of the 2-Wasserstein metric in a non-commuatative probability setting arising in quantum mechanics that has been developed by Jan Maas and myself. It will be shown that the Femionic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck equation is the gradient flow for the relative entropy with respect to the equilibrium state, and analogy with a well known result of Otto, Kinderleher and jordan, and we prove a sharp non-commutative Talagrand inequality as well. We shall also discuss a range of open problems.



报告题目: Recent Progress on Kac's Probabilistic Approach to Kinetic Theory
报 告 人: Profssor Maria Carvalho, University of Lisbon, Portugal
时间地点: 2012年3月15日下午3:00 S703
摘       要:

Kinetic theory describes the evolution of dilute gas of particles interacting through binary collisions. The equations of kinetic theory are non-linear evolution equations (various forms of the Boltzmann equation for a probability density. In 1956, Mark Kac proposed a strategy for investigating such equations via a direct analysis of a stochastic model, different from, and simpler than, the underlying physical collision model, but still leading to the same equations.
There has been much recent progress on Kac's program. We shall discuss recent work on determining the rate of equilibriation
in this model. Until now, this had only had been made only Maxwellian molecules, or, in a singular result of Villani, for super-hard collisions Recent work of myself, Carlen and Loss extends this progress to the physically significant hard-sphere case, as will be explained in this lecture. I will also discuss recent results of Mischler and Mouhot on propagation of chaos for this model that makes use of the new rate information.



报 告 人: Prof. Peter G. Hall,The University of Melbourne
时间地点: 2012年3月15日下午4:00 S712
摘       要:


报告人简历: Prof. Hall is currently an ARC Federation Fellow and a professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, and also has a joint appointment at University of California Davis. He previously held a professorship at the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications at the Australian National University.

Prof. Hall is among the world's most prolific and highly-cited authors in both probability and statistics. Mathscinet lists him with more than 500 publications as of January 2008. He has made very substantial and important contributions to nonparametric statistics, in particular for curve estimation and resampling: the bootstrap method, smoothing, density estimation, and bandwidth selection. He has worked on numerous applications across fields of economics, engineering, physical science and biological science. Prof. Hall has also made groundbreaking contributions to surface roughness measurement using fractals. In probability theory he has made many contributions to limit theory, spatial processes and stochastic geometry. His paper "Theoretical comparison of bootstrap confidence intervals" (Annals of Statistics, 1988) has been reprinted in the Breakthroughs in Statistics collection.

报告题目: Stability of Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for non-local operators
报 告 人: Prof. Renming Song, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
时间地点: 2012年2月29日下午4:00 S703
摘       要:

In this talk I will present some recent results on the stability of Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for non-local operators under two kinds of perturbations: gradient perturbation and non-local Feynman-Kac perturbations. This talk is based on joint work with Zhen-Qing Chen and Panki Kim.

报告题目: Heat kernel and Harnack inequality on Riemannian manifolds
报 告 人: Prof. Alexander Grigor'yan, University of Bielefeld
时间地点: 2012年2月29日下午3:00 S703
摘       要:


报告题目: Self-similar solutions to the mean curvature flow on cone manifolds
报 告 人: Prof. Akito Futaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology
时间地点: 2012年2月22日下午4:00 S703
摘       要:


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