The 14th Annual International Computing and Combinatorics Conference
(COCOON, June 27-29, 2008; Dalian, China)
Sponsored by Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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1  Registering on Site

A registration desk will be set up at the Lobby of the conference hotel.


Registration time is 14:00-20:00 on June 26 and 08:30-12:00 on June 27. For other time you may register at the room of organization committee.


A package of conference materials will be provided for each participant who has paid the registration fee. It includes a copy of proceedings, a copy of program, your conference name tag, a ball pen, a notebook, a set of tickets for all organized lunches/suppers/banquet/tour, a map of Dalian.


You MUST wear your conference name tag and give your tickets to waiter/waitress when attending all sessions and taking all organized reception/lunches/banquet/tour.

2  Presenting Papers

All talks MUST be presented in one of the forms of ppt, pdf, doc, ps files. NO projector for transparent slides will be provided (we are very sorry for inconvenience).


You can either bring your own laptop, or bring a mobile hard disk, USB disk with your files saved.


Meeting rooms for all plenary and parallel sessions are at the 3rd floor.

3  Attending One-day Tour

An one-day tour of June 28 includes Dalian Ocean Park and Dalian Forest Zoo.


All participants must summon outside the hotel at 08:00. We will return the hotel around 20:00 after we have a supper outside (we will have a lunch at a restaurant near the park).


Fare for one-day tour is included in the registration fee. Tickets are needed for attending the tour.

4  Taking Meals

All breakfasts, lunches and reception will be served at the 1st floor. Banquet in the evening of June 28 will be served at Toulouse on the 3rd floor (the same room for session Ax ).


Fares for breakfasts (of at most two people) are included at the room charges, while fares for organized lunches, reception and banquet are included in the registration fee. There will be no organized supper in the evening of June 29 (you are encouraged to try typical Dalian foods yourself).

5  Arriving at the Conference Hotel

COCOON'08 will be held at the Mercure Teda Dalian Hotel on ZhongNan Plaza, which is a 4-star hotel at 205 Zhongnan Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian.


All participants must go to the conference hotel themselves. Hence for those who do not speak Chinese may write down the Chinese name of the hotel in the following ways before they leave for Dalian: (a) ask a Chinese colleague/student/friend to help you, or (b) print out and cut the Chinese direction provided at the next page.


It is strongly recommended that you should take a taxi waiting in a line. Tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the Mercure Teda Dalian Hotel on ZhongNan Plaza. You should ask the driver to switch on the meter when you get on a taxi and give you the receipt after you arrive the destination.


If you go to Dalian by air, then you may get to the hotel by taxi, which costs about 30 minutes and 40 RMB.

6  Preparing Trip to Dalian
Summer at Dalian is not very hot (the average highest temperature is about 25C at the end of June) and it may rain (so you need to take an umbrella).
7  Taking Money and Giving Tips

It is strongly recommended that you should take some cash of Chinese Yuan or major currencies (such as USD, Euro, Japanese Yen, HKD) along with major credit cards. It is NOT convenient to use traveler check in mainland China.


You may exchange some cash of Chinese Yuan at some major airports in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dalian. Of course, you may also exchange Chinese Yuan at some local offices/branches of Bank of China (or some other major China Banks). But that is quite difficult, especially if you could not understand Chinese, and time-consuming.


You can pay all expenses at the conference hotel by both cash of Chinese Yuan (or major currencies) and credit cards.


Giving tips is far from popular in mainland China, even when you take a taxi or have meal at a restaurant. At the conference hotel, which is rated 4 star, you are also not expected to give a tip to someone who has provided you with a service but he/she may receive it if you are willing to give. In short, it is up to you (NOT a custom in mainland China) to give tips or not.

8  Asking for Help

Before June 26, please send your inquiries to


After June 26, please phone the conference hotel: 0086-411-8288 1999


Emergency/Police Call in mainland China is 110 (just like 911 in US).